Definitions Related To Fundamentals Of Digital Circuits

Fundamentals Of Digital Circuits

Q1. Define Active-HIGH (LOW) Input.

Q2. Define Active Logic Level.

Q3. Define A/D Converter.

Q4. Define Address.

Q5. Define Alphanumeric Codes.

Q6. Define Analog.

Q7. Define Analog System.

Q8. Define AND gate.

Q9. Define ANSI.

Q10. Define Anti-coincidence Gate.

Q11. Define Arbitration.

Q12. Define Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).

Q13. Define ASCII Code.

Q14. Define ASIC.

Q15. Define ASM Chart.

Q16. Define Asserted Level.

Q17. Define Astable Multivibrator.

Q18. Define Asynchronous.

Q19. Define Asynchronous Counter.

Q20. Define Asynchronous Inputs.

Q21. Define Asynchronous Transfer.

Q22. Define Backplane.

Q23. Define Base.

Q24. Define BCD.

Q25. Define BCD Adder.

Q26. Define BCD Counter.

Q27. Define Bidirectional Shift Register.

Q28. Define Bilateral Switch.

Q29. Define Binary.

Q30. Define Binary Counter.

Q31. Define Binary Multiplier.

Q32. Define Binary Number System.

Q33. Define Binary Point.

Q34. Define Bipolar DAC.

Q35. Define Bipolar ICs.

Q36. Define Bistable Multivibrator.

Q37. Define Bit.

Q38. Define Block Parity.

Q39. Define Boolean Algebra.

Q40. Define Bubbled AND Gate.

Q41. Define Bubbled OR Gate.

Q42. Define Buffer Driver.

Q43. Define Buffer Register.

Q44. Define Byte.

Q45. Define Capacity.

Q46. Define Carry.

Q47. Define CCD.

Q48. Define Cell.

Q49. Define Check Sum.

Q50. Define Circulating Shift Register.

Q51. Define CLEAR.

Q52. Define Clock.

Q53. Define Clock Skew.

Q54. Define Clock Transition Times.

Q55. Define Closed Subgraph.

Q56. Define CMOS.

Q57. Define Code.

Q58. Define Code Converter .

Q59. Define Coincidence Gate.

Q60. Define Combinational Logic Circuit.

Q61. Define Compatibility Graph.

Q62. Define Complement.

Q63. Define Computer Word.

Q64. Define Conditional Output Box.

Q65. Define Control Inputs.

Q66. Define Control Subsystem.

Q67. Define Cyclic Code.

Q68. Define D/A Converter.

Q69. Define Data.

Q70. Define Data Lock-out FFs.

Q71. Define Datapath.

Q72. Define DC CLEAR.

Q73. Define De Morgan’s Theorems.

Q74. Define Decade Counter.

Q75. Define Decimal Number System.

Q76. Define Decision Box.

Q77. Define Decoder.

Q78. Define Demultiplexer (MUX).

Q79. Define Dependency Notation.

Q80. Define Digit.

Q81. Define Digital ICs.

Q82. Define Digital System.

Q83. Define DIP.

Q84. Define Dominating Column.

Q85. Define Don’t Care.

Q86. Define DRAM.

Q87. Define Dynamic Shift Register.

Q88. Define EAROM.

Q89. Define EBCDIC Code.

Q90. Define ECL.

Q91. Define Edge Detector.

Q92. Define Edge-trigged FF.

Q93. Define EEPROM.

Q94. Define Encoder.

Q95. Define EPROM.

Q96. Define Equivalent States.

Q97. Define Excess-3 Code.

Q98. Define Excess-3 Gray Code.

Q99. Define Excitation Table.

Q100. Define Exclusive-NOR Gate.

Q101. Define Exclusive-OR Gate.

Q102. Define Fan-out.

Q103. Define Finite State Machine.

Q104. Define Flat Package.

Q105. Define Flip-flop.

Q106. Define Floppy Disk.

Q107. Define Frequency Counter.

Q108. Define Full-adder.

Q109. Define Full-subtractor.

Q110. Define Function Generator.

Q111. Define Fuse Map.

Q112. Define Gate.

Q113. Define Gated Latch.

Q114. Define Glitch.

Q115. Define Gray Code.

Q116. Define Half-adder.

Q117. Define Half-subtractor.

Q118. Define Hard Disk.

Q119. Define Hexadecimal Number System.

Q120. Define Hold Time.

Q121. Define Hybrid Circuit.

Q122. Define Hybrid Counter.

Q123. Define IC.

Q124. Define Incompletely Specified Machines.

Q125. Define Inhibit Circuits.

Q126. Define Interfacing.

Q127. Define Invert.

Q128. Define J-K FF.

Q129. Define Johnson Counter.

Q130. Define Karnaugh Map.

Q131. Define Latch.

Q132. Define Linearity Error.

Q133. Define Lock-out.

Q134. Define Logic Circuit.

Q135. Define Logic Level.

Q136. Define Look-ahead Carry.

Q137. Define Looping.

Q138. Define LSB.

Q139. Define LSD.

Q140. Define LSI.

Q141. Define Magnetic Bubble.

Q142. Define Magnetic Bubble Memory (MBM).

Q143. Define Magnetic Core Memory.

Q144. Define Magnetic Disk Memory.

Q145. Define Magnetic Tape Memory.

Q146. Define Magnitude Comparator.

Q147. Define Mass Storage.

Q148. Define Master Slave FF.

Q149. Define Maxterm.

Q150. Define Mealy Model.

Q151. Define Memory Array.

Q152. Define Memory Cell.

Q153. Define Memory Word.

Q154. Define Merger Graph.

Q155. Define Merger Table.

Q156. Define Microprocessor.

Q157. Define Minimal Cover Table.

Q158. Define Minterm.

Q159. Define Modified Modulus Counter.

Q160. Define Modulus.

Q161. Define Monostable Multivibrator.

Q162. Define Monotonicity.

Q163. Define Moore Model.

Q164. Define MROM.

Q165. Define MSB.

Q166. Define MSD.

Q167. Define MSI.

Q168. Define Multiplex.

Q169. Define Multiplexer (MUX).

Q170. Define NAND Gate.

Q171. Define NAND-gate Latch.

Q172. Define Negative Logic.

Q173. Define NMOS.

Q174. Define Noise.

Q175. Define Noise Immunity.

Q176. Define Noise Margin.

Q177. Define Non-retriggerable One-shot.

Q178. Define Non-volatile Memory.

Q179. Define NOR Gate.

Q180. Define NOR-gate Latch.

Q181. Define NOT Circuit.

Q182. Define Octal Number System.

Q183. Define Octet.

Q184. Define Offset Error.

Q185. Define One’s complement Form.

Q186. Define One-shot.

Q187. Define Open-collector Gates.

Q188. Define OR Gate.

Q189. Define Override Inputs.

Q190. Define Oscillator.

Q191. Define PAL.

Q192. Define Parallel Adder.

Q193. Define Parallel Counter.

Q194. Define Parallel Data Transfer.

Q195. Define Parallel-in, Parallel-out, Shift Register.

Q196. Define Parallel-in, Serial-out, Shift Register.

Q197. Define Parallel Transmission.

Q198. Define Parity Bit.

Q199. Define Parity Checker.

Q200. Define Parity Generator.

Q201. Define Partition Technique.

Q202. Define Percentage Resolution.

Q203. Define PLA.

Q204. Define PLD.

Q205. Define PMOS.

Q206. Define POS Form.

Q207. Define Positional-value System.

Q208. Define Positive Logic System.

Q209. Define PRESET.

Q210. Define Presettable Counter.

Q211. Define Prime Implicant.

Q212. Define Priority Encoder.

Q213. Define Programming.

Q214. Define PROM.

Q215. Define Propagation Delay.

Q216. Define Pulse.

Q217. Define Quantization Error.

Q218. Define Quasi-stable State.

Q219. Define Quine-McClusky Method.

Q220. Define Race.

Q221. Define Radix.

Q222. Define RAM.

Q223. Define Read.

Q224. Define Read/write Memory.

Q225. Define Redundant States.

Q226. Define Reflected Code.

Q227. Define Refresh.

Q228. Define Register.

Q229. Define RESET.

Q230. Define Resolution.

Q231. Define Retriggerable One-shot.

Q232. Define Ring Counter.

Q233. Define Ripple Counter.

Q234. Define ROM.

Q235. Define Schmitt Trigger.

Q236. Define Schottky TTL.

Q237. Define Self-complementing Code.

Q238. Define Sequential Code.

Q239. Define Sequence Detector.

Q240. Define Sequential Logic.

Q241. Define Serial Adder.

Q242. Define Serial Data Transmission.

Q243. Define Serial-in, Parallel-out, Shift Register.

Q244. Define Serial-in, Serial-out, Shift Register.

Q245. Define SET.

Q246. Define Set-up Time.

Q247. Define Set-up Time.

Q248. Define Shift register.

Q249. Define Sign Bit.

Q250. Define SOP Form.

Q251. Define Speed Power Product.

Q252. Define SSI.

Q253. Define Stage.

Q254. Define Standard POS Form.

Q255. Define Standard SOP Form.

Q256. Define State Assignment.

Q257. Define State Box.

Q258. Define State Diagram.

Q259. Define State Machine.

Q260. Define State Table.

Q261. Define State Variables.

Q262. Define SRAM (Static RAM).

Q263. Define Storage.

Q264. Define Straight Binary Coding.

Q265. Define Strobing.

Q266. Define Strongly Connected Machine.

Q267. Define Subgraph.

Q268. Define Substrate.

Q269. Define Synchronous.

Q270. Define Synchronous Counter.

Q271. Define Synchronous Inputs.

Q272. Define Synchronous Systems.

Q273. Define Synchronous Transfer.

Q274. Define Terminal Count.

Q275. Define Threshold Function.

Q276. Define Threshold Logic.

Q277. Define Timing Diagram.

Q278. Define Toggle Mode.

Q279. Define Totem-pole.

Q280. Define Transition.

Q281. Define Transition And Output Table.

Q282. Define Transmission Gate.

Q283. Define Trigger.

Q284. Define Tri-state.

Q285. Define Truth Table.

Q286. Define TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic).

Q287. Define ULSI.

Q288. Define Unate Function.

Q289. Define Unipolar ICs.

Q290. Define Unit Distance Code.

Q291. Define Unit Load.

Q292. Define Universal Gates.

Q293. Define Universal Shift Register.

Q294. Define Up-counter.

Q295. Define Variable Modulus Counter.

Q296. Define VLSI.

Q297. Define Volatile Memory.

Q298. Define Voltage Level Translator.

Q299. Define Weight.

Q300. Define Weighing Machine.

Q301. Define Weighted Code .

Q302. Define Wired AND.

Q303. Define Word.

Q304. Define Wrapping Around.

Q305. Define Writing.







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