Working With Operating System – Very Short Question Answers

Q1. What do you mean by booting up?

Q2. What do you mean by boot sector? What is boot strap loader?

Q3. What are wild cards? What is the use of’?’ and ‘*’ wild cards?

Q4. To view a directory listing width wise, which command is used?

Q5. Which DOS command makes the root directory as current working directory?

Q6. Which DOS command lets you create directories?

Q7. To set the search path, which command will you use?

Q8. Give an MS-DOS command for deleting all files in the current directory which have extension .INP?

Q9. What are the three main categories of operating system’s functions?

Q10. What are the benefits of multiprogramming?

Q11. What do you understand by throughput?

Q12. What is multitasking?

Q13. What is the difference between a program and a process?

Q14. Which all states can a process remain in?

Q15. Give examples of some non-preemptive scheduling techniques.

Q16. Give some examples of preemptive scheduling techniques.

Q17. What are the two main approaches to implementing virtual storage?






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