Definitions Related To Computer Science

Q1. Define Alignment.

Q2. Define Algorithm.

Q3. Define Animation.

Q4. Define Antivirus Software.

Q5. Define Application Software.

Q6. Define Assembler.

Q7. Define ATM.

Q8. Define Attributes (HTML).

Q9. Define AutoContent Wizard.

Q10. Define AutoShapes.

Q11. Define Bit.

Q12. Define BODY (HTML).

Q13. Define BODY tag.

Q14. Define Braille Printer.

Q15. Define Bullet.

Q16. Define Byte.

Q17. Define Card Reader.

Q18. Define CD-ROM.

Q19. Define Cell.

Q20. Define Cell.

Q21. Define Cell Pointer.

Q22. Deine Chart.

Q23. Define Chart Area.

Q24. Define Column.

Q25. Define Color Scheme.

Q26. Define Compiler.

Q27. Define Computer Language.

Q28. Define Computer Virus.

Q29. Define Concatenation.

Q30. Define Conditional Formatting.

Q31. Define Container Elements.

Q32. Define Contiguous.

Q33. Define Copying.

Q34. Define Data Label.

Q35. Define Data Series.

Q36. Define Design Template.

Q37. Define Drawing Object.

Q38. Define DVD.

Q39. Define Empty Elements.

Q40. Define File.

Q41. Define Fill Color.

Q42. Define Filter(MS Excel).

Q43. Define Flash Drive.

Q44. Define Floppy Disk.

Q45. Define Flowchart.

Q46. Define Folder.

Q47. Define Formula.

Q48. Define Frame (Flash).

Q49. Define Frame-by-Frame Animation.

Q50. Define Functions.

Q51. Define Hard Disk.

Q52. Define Hardware.

Q53. Define HEAD (HTML).

Q54. Define Home Page.

Q55. Define Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

Q56. Define Input Devices.

Q57. Define Instance (Flash).

Q58. Define Interpreter.

Q59. Define Internet.

Q60. Define Keyframe.

Q61. Define Library (Flash).

Q62. Define Line Spacing.

Q63. Define Line Style.

Q64. Define Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Projector.

Q65. Define Loop.

Q66. Define Magnetic Ink Character Reader.

Q67. Define Margins.

Q68. Define Modem.

Q69. Define Moving.

Q70. Define Netiquette.

Q71. Define Net Surfing.

Q72. Define Network.

 Q73. Define Normal View.

Q74. Define Operating System.

Q75. Define Optical Character Reader.

Q76. Define Optical Mark Reader.

Q77. Define Output Devices.

Q78. Define Package.

 Q79. Define Paragraph Spacing.

Q80. Define Plotter.

Q81. Define Print Preview.

Q82. Define Program.

Q83. Define RAM.

Q84. Define Range.

Q85. Define Renaming.

Q86. Define ROM.

Q87. Define Row.

Q88. Define Search Engine.

Q89. Define Server.

Q90. Define Shadow.

Q91. Define Slide.

Q92. Define Slide Show View.

Q93. Define Slide Sorter View.

Q94. Define Slide Summary.

Q95. Define Software.

Q96. Define Sorting(MS Excel).

Q97. Define Source Programs.

Q98. Define Stage (Flash).

Q99. Define Surfing (Internet).

Q100. Define Symbol.

Q101. Define Symbol (Flash).

Q102. Define System Software.

Q103. Define Table.

Q104. Define Template.

Q105. Define Text String.

Q106. Define Thesaurus.

Q107. Define Uniform Resource Locator.

Q108. Define Utility.

Q109. Define Virus Definitions.

Q110. Define Web Browser.

Q111. Define Web Page.

Q112. Define Website.

Q113. Define Word Art.

Q114. Define Word Art Style.

Q115. Define Workbook.

Q116. Define Worksheet.

Q117. Define World Wide Web.

Q118. Define X-axis.

Q119. Define Y-axis.

Q120. Define 3-D Effect.


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