Computer Overview – Easy Question Answers

Q1. What is data? What is the output of data processing system?

Q2. State the basic units of the computer. Name the subunits that make up the CPU, and give the function of each of the units.

Q3. What is the function of memory? What are its measuring units?

Q4. What are the difference between hardware, software, and firmware?

Q5. Give examples for each of system software and application software. Explain the function of each type.

Q6. Why analytical engine is often called pioneer computer?

Q7. Give two major innovations in first generation computers.

Q8. Give two major innovations in the second generation computers.

Q9. Give two major advances of third generation computers.

Q10. What are the three types of computers? How do they differ?

Q11. Briefly distinguish between a general-purpose and a special-purpose computer.

Q12. In general how does the accuracy of an analog computer compare with the accuracy of a digital computer?

Q13. What is the correlation among digital, analog, special-purpose, and general-purpose computers?

Q14. How is a compiler different from interpreter?

Q15. What are the different types of digital computers based on their performance?

Q16. What is the relation between microprocessor and micro computer?

Q17. Name the super computer developed in India.

Q18. What are the major strength and weakness of computer?

Q19. Why binary language is often termed as machine language? Why is machine language required?

Q20. Who invented the punched card?


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